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Goldulf - Dustpunch!

Huff! Puff! Clean up some stuff! As the lone surviving member of the (weirdly) unnamed clan that beat back the spectre of that ultimate evil - Goldulf! - in ages past, it is now your duty to tidy up a bit and release the souls of your forbears, which are basically just stuck there because there's so much junk everywhere. Armed with the only tool you'll need (I'm talking pixel-perfect fists), punch your way through endless Intellivision-looking dungeons in this, uh, game.

Download the PWA today and PUNCH! SOME!! DUST!!!

And watch your local app store for beta versions of native-time-apps sooner or later.

Tech stuff

Built using Phaser 3 in Typescript, and Capacitor for the mobile bridge aspect.

aaaaand, buymeacoffee

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